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We’ve been lucky enough to be telling stories for twenty years.  Award wining stories. Your story is how you connect with your audience, and engage them in your mission. Our creative and insight will deliver your message better than you ever could have imagined.

Our award winning content creators are standing by.

Our Services

Let's make the magic happen

Film Production

We are a full service video/film production firm. We can take your vision from idea to post.

Creative Direction

At our core, this is what we love to do. Coming up with unique ideas. Finding creative ways to overcome problems.

Filling the Blank Page

Whether it's a script, an article, or marketing material our wordsmiths can get to the most meaning out of your ideas.

We Travel Well

Critical Focus travels and films all across the United States. Wherever you story takes us; we’ll be there.  Here are a few of our locations.

Blog Update

Thoughts, musings, and insights into content creation, marketing, production and gear.


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